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About Us

Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, popularly known as SRMT was founded in the year 2000 for the noble cause of Knowledge Dissemination for showing the path of peace, progress, prosperity and harmony for mankind. Thus the Trust's primary objective is to provide Thought Leadership to mankind for surmounting the various issues of concern and for achieving it the Trust organizes various seminars, conferences , meetings, inter-active sessions...
About Us


The Gusi Peace Prize, Asia's foremost awarding body and among the leading in the world today. In recognizing the most brilliant examples of those working toward the attainment of peace and respect for human life and dignity, the Gusi Peace Prize brings out the best of human achievements, ideals and values. It is a charitable foundation who's main objective is to recognize and give proper recognition through the conferment of awards of excellence ...
  • Spiritualizing Humanity and Humanizing Power and Authority
  • People Empowerment and Global Governance
  • Priority Actions to Focus for Environmental and Ecological Conservation
  • Aligning with the Universal Consciousness for Achieving Peace, Harmony and Justice
  • An Outline Plan for Creation of a Just and Equitable New Social and Economic World Order
  • Joy of Sharing
  • Value Based Education as an Enabler for Positive Change

Prof. S.A.R.P.V Chaturvedi's Message to the Parliament of World's Religions 2015, Salt Lake City (Oct 15 - 19),USA