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AwardsEligibilityCriteriaCashGold MedalCitation
SAMSTHA SHRI Best institutionAny educational, research,corporate and social welfare institution
  • Efficient administrative setup
  • Expansions and Establishment
  • Grassroots level approach and reach
  • Social yield
1,00,00022ct 10gms Gold MedalYes
SIDDHA SHRI SRMT Lifetime achievement awardScholars, academicians, public men and women and NGOs
  • Solid Contribution in one's own field of activity
  • Resistance and Integrity
  • Thought leadership and trendsetting
1,00,00022ct 10gms Gold MedalYes
STREE RATNA Women welfareAccomplished women of any fieldContribution to Women's
  • Education
  • Security
  • Freedom
  • Health
  • Development
1,00,00022ct 8gms Gold MedalYes
UDDHARAK UpliftmentAny social activistContribution to the welfare, development and rehabilitation of
  • Dalits
  • Poor
  • Tribes
  • Refugees
  • Orphans, Street Children, Bonded Labour
  • Juvenile Offenders
  • War victims Disaster victims
1,00,00022ct 8gms Gold MedalYes
NIRMATA YouthAny Youth-Educated/Enlightened
  • An emerging model of 'Siddha Shri'
  • Success records in youth motivation and social construction
1,00,00022ct 8gms Gold MedalYes
PARIVARTAN 'Great Impact'Any Individual or society working for an exclusive social cause through art forms, technology, knowledge and approachesMass transformation of society in fields like de-addiction, eradication of domestic violence, democratic awareness, anti-corruption and social discriminations1,00,00022ct 8gms Gold MedalYes
PRITHVI EnvironmentAny Environmentalist working for 'Clean Earth'
  • Pollution
  • Agro-reforms
  • Green Globe
  • Water resources
  • Green energy
  • Eco friendly construction
1,00,00022ct 8gms Gold MedalYes
SAASTRA Best bookAny analytical work with revolutionary Social Ideas
  • Original thinking
  • Authentic and practical
  • Eye opener
  • Inspiration model
1,00,00022ct 4gms Gold MedalYes
GNANA DEEP EducationAny educationist, teacher, trainer and knowledge activist
  • Rural education
  • Women education
  • Education for the downtrodden
  • Education quality and standards
  • Research and Innovation culturing
1,00,00022ct 8gms Gold MedalYes
UDAY ExcellenceStudentsToppers in various levels of academic and science exams and contests1,00,00022ct 4gms Gold MedalYes
AVISHKAR InnovationAny innovator with native genius,scientists,technologistsAchieving innovation for a social cause or for the welfare and development of human race1,00,00022ct 8gms Gold MedalYes
MAITHRI PeaceHarmony and peace engineersSuccess records in
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Arbitration
  • Interfaith dialog
  • Peace awareness and propagation
1,00,0002ct 8gms Gold MedalYes