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All members of Trust Board, Advisory Board, Governor's Board and Coordination Committee adorn the Trust's first level membership or internal membership.

• Patron Membership – Members selected by the Trust board to contribute for Trust maintenance, events and charities.

External members are provided the following options.

• Elite Membership – For academicians, think tanks, scientists, corporates and social activists.

• Privilege Membership – For scholars, artists, students and the challenged.

• Organizational Membership – For companies, research institutes, institutions, welfare movements and charity organizations.

• General Membership – For all aspirants.

Except Patron category, all other memberships are free.

All members are entitled for receiving circulars, newsletters, CDs and publications, free of cost. They can have free access and benefits from our other trust wings like consultancy, media, tour and training services.

As of now, we have 200 patron members and 10,000 general members throughout the nation and abroad. An exhaustive systematic database of all of our members is under process.


SRMT establishes and extends association, networking and joint and collective action with potential and likeminded national as well as international organizations through affiliation and memberships.