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Our primary goal is knowledge dissemination and we strongly believe that knowledge combined with action and commitment is the only key to mass transformation of society for global development. Through our multifarious programs scholars, students and institutions are encouraged and promoted by means of awards, honours and aids. We are now establishing special chairs and endowment lectures in active and glorious institutions.

Chairs will be constituted for disciplines of utmost social significance like good governance, ethics, Indian value system, religion & philosophy for peace, peace & justice, life management, memory engineering, accelerated learning, scientific zeal, innovative temper, culture, peace & progress, law, human rights, environment, education, national security & defense and many more.

Similarly Sri Bhashyakara Charitable Trust is engaged in chairs and endowments on Sanskrit, Vedic studies, religious research, temple management, cow based economy and other related divisions.

The endowment lectures will be delivered by erudite national and international level scholars on various fields. Lectures will be followed by digital presentations, interactions and Q&A sessions. The complete message will be made available through publications and cyber journals.