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SRMT never accepts corporate, government and foreign funds. But in public ventures, it partners with firms, departments and institutions and renders its services directly to the beneficiaries. It has successfully organized all of its ventures with the earnest support of few ardent patron members.

We accept donations only from our long serving members. Philanthropic public are guided and directed to directly contact and contribute to genuine beneficiaries.

Our Trust offers assistive devices to physically handicapped, computers and laptops for learning and training, tools for empowerment for the needy as well as financial aid for livelihood, medical and education purposes at an annual estimate of about Rs. 15-20 Lakhs. We also support house repair, renovation and construction as well as marriage expenditures of the needy at an annual budget of 20 lakhs.

We support medical camps on remote areas, emergency medical care during disasters and pandemic attacks and special medical diagnosis and treatment for diabetes, pressure, malnutrition, optical and hearing problems and gynecological issues.

During our anniversary celebrations, deserving and successful social activists and reformers are honored and duly supported with an additional budget of about Rs. 10-15 Lakhs by cash and kind.

Apart from this, we are gifted by the association of many benevolent members who render charitable services by our motivation and reference through their personal and networking means, their companies and firms and also through their family and public charitable organizations initiated by "SRMT" inspiration.

We don't frame any budget or hold any account details of such charities rendered across the nation by numerous members. In order to streamline and consolidate these services to

motivate donors, receivers and mass charity, we have initiated a multi-level charity marketing program by name "Good Deeds" (