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SRMT- A grand view

Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, founded in 2000, is managed by a team of committed members, with the guidance and support of elite thinkers and professionals and generous philanthropists from our own group SRMT has more than hundred thousand members throughout the country and abroad, with a strength of ten thousand active members. SRMT, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization, is associated with renowned international organizations like URI (USA), Forum 21 Institute (USA), Globethics Network (Geneva) and Ethics & Spirituality Initiative for Sustainable Development Association (USA). It is also a member of IPB (Geneva), WANGO (USA), UN NGOs Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concern (UN-NGO-CSVGC) and a fellow member of CoNGO, Geneva. SRMT sincerely focuses on marginalized sections of the society. It serves as the parental body of thousands of grass root NGOs, training them in capacity-building, team-building, fund management and 'social communication and change-making'. SRMT offers educational, medical and livelihood 'Aid' to needy individuals and offers grants to institutions for organizational development and service-projects. It also recognizes and awards successful and inspirational social leaders and transformers. SRMT serves as a vibrant advisor and motivator for charity institutions, volunteers and service-aspirants, and is working relentlessly for increasing charity-mind setup, potential and impacts in the society. SRMT has initiated a 'solid corpus fund project' aiming at 100 crores and has started with a deposit of 3 crores. The returns from this deposit are being used for charity and developmental programs. SRMT always focuses on minimizing charity burden and maximizing charity reach and results. Apart from donations, SRMT offers micro-credits and project loans and for capable beneficiaries, it stipulates services equal to their charity-requirements. It promotes self-reliance and collective action in the needy and educates them to demand and derive their needs from governments and concerned agencies. Based at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, the trust extended its concern and action, in the entire southern parts of the nation in its first phase (2000-2005). In second phase, events and branches stretched out in Northern India (2006-2010). Since 2011 SRMT, through its 'Global Reach' campaign, is participating as well as sponsoring and conducting events in Malaysia, Seoul (South Korea), Bosnia, Amsterdam, Geneva, Athens, Jerusalem and New York (and various parts of USA). SRMT has launched mega-projects for social rehabilitation and development for this decade (2015-2025). To name a few, housing project (construction of 1000 houses at Palakkuruchi) at an estimate of 35 crores, village development programs (housing, self-employment, education and health support) in 5 villages at an estimate of 10 crores and undertaking and development of rural education and health centres in 5 villages (10 crores). Our prime objective is 'knowledge dissemination'. Since 2000, we have organized, supported and participated in more than thousand conferences on both national and international levels. Their themes cover every subject of significance such as environment, energy, ethics, human rights, women empowerment, social change, education, international relations, health, science and technology, economy, good governance, law and justice, charity management, inter-faith harmony, non-violence, peace and many more. In 2017, SRMT is planning to establish a 'Shelter', a full-fledged accommodation centre that offers care and resources for self-development to specially enabled, abandoned and helpless members of the society. In order to systematize learning of social action and to streamline service operations, SRMT is planning for an exclusive 'University for Social Work and Global Change'. The university is expected to function in 2017. The trust prioritizes schemes for youth and students' participation in all public welfare assignments, to gain effective accomplishment. It has initiated two dynamic social movements; Forum for Students' Ability Development (F-STAD) and 'Forum for Students' Social Participation and Global Concern' (F-SSPGC), for harnessing and intensifying 'positive youth energy' levels and directing them for social well-being. SRMT, through its exclusive wing for inter-faith harmony, Association for Inter-faith Dialogue and Action (AIFDA) has now planned to establish a permanent, active and influential 'Parliament of World Faiths' and now is engaged in preparatory steps. Dedicated for the cause of peace-making, SRMT has organized countless discussion forums, training programs, workshops, march, competitions, conferences and live projects on peace related subjects and issues. SRMT has commenced a series of 'Global Peace Meets' in various parts of the nation and is planning to extend it to all global centres of peace-vision and action. In 2015, two successful assemblies were conducted in eight Indian centres and in 2016, two assemblies are planned in India and one in Europe. SRMT organizes study, survey and action related 'peace tours', facilitating interaction and joint action of likeminded peace-activists. In peace tours, the trust also bridges between peace-seekers' and peace-makers' community in order to nurture effective peace-building measures in the disturbed and demanding zones.