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18 Conferences – 2016

Topic Venue Tentative Schedule
Developments in Artificial Intelligence - an ethical review Hyderabad April
Brain, Mind and Consciousness Bangalore April
Science, Spirituality and Society Bangalore May
World Science Congress Chennai May
Education - Efficiency, Empowerment & Enlightenment Chennai June
Women – Justice, Progress & Peace Chennai June
Healthy Society - Rights, Duties and Liberty Delhi July
Global Citizens' Assembly Chennai July
India for the new millennium Hyderabad August
Antar Jaatiya Sammelan (Uniting the dividing forces) Hyderabad August
Ancient Wisdom Traditions - Insights & Applications Chennai September
Marvels of Innovation - Direction & Destination Pune September
Eco-Parliament Brindavan October
Religious Assemblyfor Global Future Bangalore October
Mind Pollution - Care & Cure Chennai November
Moving towards a Warless World Mumbai November
Health Science & Industry - Emerging Concerns and Crises Hyderabad December
Building Civic Immunity & Emergency Preparedness Bangalore December