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Overseas Events Planned - 2016

Topic Venue Tentative Schedule
Strengthening Peace Mission-Challenges and Hopes Costa Rica April
Religions-Social Agenda and Action Malaysia April
Social Transformation-Effective Disaster Solution Nepal May
Humanity, Politics and Global Spirit Austria May
Parliament of World Cultures Hague May
Good society-Rights, Righteousness and Rewards Geneva May
Harnessing Faith-Potential for Growth and Peace London May
Peace, Justice, Harmony and Sustainability New York May
Treating 'Corruption-Cancer'-Will and the Way South Africa May
Media for Social Change California May
Constructing a Progressive Nation-Handling Society, Anti-socials and Rulers Argentina May
Framing the Global Constitution-Structure and Enforcement Canada May
Art of Loving and Peace Culture Bosnia June
The Peace Rotes-Risks and Reality Israel June
Revisiting Economic justice and development-An African perspective Burundi June
Women, religions and society Turkey June
Coalition of States for a Peaceful World- Role of Citizens, Governments and Peacemakers Russia June
Advancements in Economy and Technology- Missing Elements' Bangkok June
Religious Spirit and Sustainable Development Goals Australia August
World Peace Conference (International Peace Bureau) Berlin September